Founders:Anand Venkatesvaran, Ramees


What is Layer-E?

Layer-E is a Collectible Relationship Management product suite for the Web3 ecosystem. It is designed to empower creators, companies, and fandoms to enhance revenue and reach through NFTs and collectibles. With Layer-E you can build your collectible strategy, it provides tools and solutions for luxury brands, e-commerce enterprises, biggest sports clubs, and telecom providers to enter the NFT market, build relationships with their audience, and capitalize on the potential of blockchain technology.

Why we invested?

NFT Collectibles market size was estimated at $458.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to cross $1 trillion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% on average for all collectible products.

Layer-E is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for NFTs and collectibles in the web3 ecosystem. With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and the rising popularity of digital assets, Layer-E's product suite offers significant growth potential. The company's focus on empowering creators, companies, and fandoms aligns with the evolving trends in e-commerce and influencer marketing, creating opportunities for strategic partnerships and expanded market reach.

Layer-E's innovative approach to Collectible Relationship Management sets them apart in the market. Their product lineup, including the advanced AI-based chatbot Copilot and immersive metaverse biomes, showcases their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies. By continuously investing in research and development, Layer-E can stay at the forefront of web3 advancements, introducing new features and solutions that meet the evolving needs of creators, companies, and fandoms.

They have been in operation since May 2022 and since then they have had a singular focus on productizing Web3 tech and taking it to large brands and enterprises. The biggest engagement was with Flipkart, as their exclusive metaverse partner for the Big Billion Day and Big Diwali Day sale seasons. They took over as Flipkart's partners to launch a never before experience that brought together brands and cultural IPs in the largest web3 e-commerce metaverse activation globally. You can dive deep into the case study to understand why this was such a celebrated activation. You can also watch the Flipverse experience walkthrough to understand why tens of thousands of customers spent 6x more time than an average shopper.


Anand Venkatesvaran is the CEO at Layer-E. He previously worked at one of the largest NFT funds in Web3, Metapurse.

Ramees is the CBO at Layer-E. He previously co-founded DeHidden(now merged with Layer-E).

Achievements so far

Since January 2023, they have been focused on creating product suites across specific verticals. Details :
    • Launched AI Web3 Copilot:
    • AI and web3 are the latest trends to watch for. So what Layer-E did was launch the web3 Copilot for the most popular blockchain. With simple prompts, users can now prompt their way into web3, and explore the Polygon blockchain with their very own web3 assistant.
    • Biomes as a Service:
    • Metaverses and immersive experiences are all the rage. But what do they achieve for the brand? And how do they leverage current tech and marketing capabilities to drive user engagement? Here are some immersive experiences we're proud to have built for our clients. After the successful activation of Flipverse, now it was time for Celio X Emiway

      Built on Spatial to power the 'Celio Collect' campaign that launches with iconic artist Emiway. The visionary product house plans to launch experiences for creators and artists to engage their tens of thousands of fans and customers with immersive creative expressions of the collaboration. ̉Fans can experience the collaboration and the clothing collection, rub shoulders with the creator's digital twin, be part of a larger community, and immerse themselves in a never-before experience from the brand. You can visit the Celioverse here
    • Launched Collectibles Relationship Management (CRM):
    • Collectibles are at the core of every relationship. One that allows brands to communicate with, engage and grow (with) their loyal community of fans. Layer-E is proud to be building this pivotal relationship management suite for many brands including,
      • a. Bangalore Intl. Airport:
      • The most celebrated airport in India is looking to build a strong community of fliers and fans with collectibles, quests, loot, and web3 loyalty. Here are the product links to give you a better understanding.

      i. The customer front end: The multichannel quest system is available to the fliers and fans to quest and engage with the brand. You can engage with the BIAL quest too.

      ii. The BIAL admin control center: Every self-sustaining quest platform needs to be easy to manage and scale. With BIAL, fan engagement is managed through the admin panel that helps BIAL campaign managers launch and manage quests campaigns on demand. Complete with task launchers, analysis dashboards, points and loot inventory managers, and user management modules.

      • b. Mintlab:
      • This prototype showcases how the CRM is extended as a community management tool beyond quests. Mintlab, the sports merchandiser, will launch sports clubs and their fans into a CRM that hosts a Finsta channel of gated IP, a private collectibles marketplace, and a quest section to engage fans. This extends the engagement to a proposed sports metaverse where fans can wear their collectible-backed sports merchandise. Links below.

      i. The customer front end: Finsta & Collectibles: Going beyond engagement to bring IP and collectibles to the CRM, experience the FInsta & Collectibles available to sports fans.

      ii. Quests: The Quests module continues to unlock engagement for sports fans.

    • Partnership with Major Crypto Exchange:
    • Layer-E joined forces with Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Through this partnership, they launched an Open Edition NFT drop, generating remarkable traction with over 1.2 million interactions within the Coinbase Wallet.
    • Brands & Sports Club Collaborations:
    • Layer-E collaborated with Mercedes, FC Bayern Munchen, FC Barcelona, HTC, Pernod Ricard, Pinko, Samsung among few others

Challenges in the current landscape

  • Limited Interaction Channels:
  • Companies in various industries face the challenge of limited interaction channels with their audiences. Traditional platforms often restrict direct engagement, hindering effective communication and relationship-building between companies and their target customers.
  • Incomplete User Behavior Understanding:
  • Understanding user behavior is essential for businesses to make informed decisions. However, the current landscape lacks easy and comprehensive ways to study user behavior. This hampers companies' ability to tailor their strategies and offerings to meet customer needs effectively.
  • Community Building Obstacles:
  • Building and nurturing communities around a brand or product is crucial for fostering loyalty and advocacy. However, the existing landscape presents challenges in creating thriving communities due to limited engagement features and fragmented platforms that hinder seamless community interaction.
  • Limited Access to the Metaverse:
  • The metaverse represents a promising realm for immersive experiences and interactions, yet companies struggle to find accessible entry points. The current landscape lacks straightforward avenues for companies to establish a presence and engage with users in the metaverse, limiting their ability to tap into its potential.
  • Loyalty Program Complexity:
  • Implementing effective loyalty rewards programs poses challenges in the current industry landscape. Existing platforms may lack the necessary infrastructure and flexibility to seamlessly integrate and manage loyalty programs, hindering companies' ability to incentivize customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

Layer-E’s Solutions and Product Offerings

  • Mintlab: Extending CRM as a Community Management Tool:
  • Mintlab, a prototype by Layer-E, showcases how CRM can be extended as a community management tool for sports merchandisers. It offers a Finsta channel of gated IP, a private collectibles marketplace, and a quest section to engage fans. Mintlab aims to create a sports metaverse where fans can showcase their collectible-backed sports merchandise. Fans can experience the Finsta & Collectibles section for an immersive brand experience.
  • Audience Interaction Platform:
  • Layer-E provides a comprehensive platform that enables companies to interact directly with their audiences. It offers features such as real-time messaging, community forums, and interactive content sharing, facilitating seamless communication and engagement between companies and their customers.
  • Advanced User Behavior Analytics:
  • Layer-E incorporates advanced analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to study user behavior in-depth. Through data tracking and analysis, companies gain valuable insights into customer preferences, habits, and patterns, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies accordingly.
  • Community Building Tools:
  • Layer-E offers robust tools and features to facilitate community building. It provides customizable community spaces, user forums, and social networking elements, enabling companies to create thriving communities around their brand or product. These tools foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among community members.
  • Biomes-as-a-service:
  • Leveraging Layer-E's biomes-as-a-service, brands can effortlessly integrate with virtual environments and platforms within the metaverse. This enables them to establish a presence, organize virtual events, and engage users through immersive experiences. By leveraging current technology and marketing capabilities, biomes-as-a-service drives user engagement while unlocking new opportunities for enhanced brand exposure.
  • Loyalty Rewards Management:
  • Layer-E streamlines loyalty rewards programs by providing a comprehensive management system. It allows companies to design and implement personalized loyalty programs, track customer activities, and issue rewards seamlessly. Through Layer-E, businesses can enhance customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and foster long-term relationships with their customer base.

Final Thoughts

The success of Layer-E can be attributed to its founders' deep domain expertise and strong consumer focus. The team's understanding of the web3 ecosystem and their ability to translate that knowledge into innovative solutions has allowed them to gain a competitive edge. Layer-E's commitment to providing user-friendly and accessible tools for companies and creators further enhances their potential for long-term success in the market.

In conclusion, Layer-E's Collectible Relationship Management product suite, coupled with its strategic positioning, achievements, and solutions, make it an attractive investment opportunity. With the potential for significant growth in the web3 ecosystem and a strong foundation of partnerships and collaborations, Layer-E is poised to become a leader in the Web3 e-commerce space, empowering brands and creators to capitalize on the opportunities presented by NFTs and collectibles.