What is Pluto?

Pluto is a cutting-edge Web3 social platform that empowers users to express their individuality through customizable avatars, fashion designs, and personalized virtual lands. It fosters social connections and community engagement through features like mood islands, paper plane messaging, and open mic events. Pluto is a space where users can authentically showcase their uniqueness and connect with others in a vibrant virtual environment.


  • According to GlobalData, the global metaverse market is expected to reach almost $1 Trillion by 2030. Pluto operates within the rapidly growing web3 and metaverse market, with a focus on community-building, and ownership.
  • According to global research firm VMR (Verified Market Research), the overall value of the NFT market is expected to rise to $231 billion by 2030. Pluto's partnerships with gaming influencers, NFT communities, artists, and creators help expand its reach and tap into a diverse range of user segments within the broader market.
  • By leveraging its marketing network and collaborating with prominent players in the web3 space, Pluto aims to onboard a substantial user base and establish itself as a leading platform in the metaverse ecosystem.

Why we invested?

  • Unique Value Proposition:
  • Pluto offers a highly differentiated value proposition within the web3 social platform space. Its focus is on addressing the three fundamental needs of future generations—identity ecosystem, socialization, and communities. The emphasis on personalization, ownership, and self-expression resonates strongly with the target audience, creating a compelling user experience.
  • Market Timing and Adoption:
  • The timing of our investment in Pluto is opportune, as the metaverse industry is poised for significant growth. The industry is witnessing increased mainstream awareness, backed by notable developments and investments from key players across the technology, entertainment, and finance sectors.
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • While the metaverse industry is nascent, there is a growing number of players entering the space. However, Pluto stands out with its unique value proposition centered around personalization, ownership, and self-expression. Its emphasis on building a robust identity ecosystem, fostering social connections, and empowering communities differentiate it from traditional social platforms and positions it as a leader within the metaverse landscape.
  • Strong Founding Team and Partnerships:
  • Pluto benefits from a seasoned founding team with a deep understanding of web3 technologies, social platforms, and community dynamics. Their expertise, combined with strategic partnerships forged with gaming influencers, NFT communities, artists, and creators, enhances Pluto's market position, accelerates user acquisition, and unlocks potential revenue streams.





Achievements so far

  • Successful Launch of Sunbeam:
  • Pluto launched a web browser-based endless runner WL experience called Sunbeam. Within just two weeks, it garnered an impressive 240,000 gameplay sessions and attracted 16,500 players. The total gameplay time reached an astounding 8,200 hours, indicating a high level of engagement. A trailer for Sunbeam was shared on social media, generating excitement and interest among the community. (Trailer Link: Sunbeam Trailer)
  • Partnership with Elite Communities and Whale Groups:
  • Pluto forged partnerships with elite tier A communities and whale groups for the launch of the Pluto Genesis Collection. Notable collaborations include Azuki Spirit DAO, Midcurve, Pudgy, Clonex, Doodles, Moonbirds, and more. These partnerships added value and prestige to Pluto's offerings, attracting a diverse and influential user base.
  • Collaboration with Renowned Artists:
  • Pluto collaborated with highly popular artist Kenny Scharf and prominent Reddit avatar artists Tyler Foust and Fatty Bagz for an upcoming NFT drop. These collaborations bring unique artistic perspectives and creative contributions to Pluto, enhancing its appeal and expanding its reach among art enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Global Marketing Network:
  • Pluto has established a massive global marketing network through strategic partnerships with web3 creators, gamers, and artists. This network has a collective reach of 500,000 across various platforms. By leveraging the influence and reach of these partners, Pluto has been able to generate significant awareness and interest in its offerings, attracting a wide audience from around the world.
  • Development of Pluto Hangout 3D Virtual Space:
  • Pluto is currently developing a 3D virtual space called Pluto Hangout, which will be accessible to all Genesis Collection holders. This immersive environment aims to provide a unique and interactive social experience for users, allowing them to connect, engage, and explore within the metaverse. The anticipated release of Pluto Hangout in Q4 2023 promises to further enhance the Plutoverse ecosystem and foster deeper community engagement.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

  • Creating the Right Use Cases for the Metaverse:
  • The current metaverse market needs to identify and develop the right use cases that fully capitalize on the potential of this immersive digital realm. With a multitude of possibilities available, finding the perfect balance between user engagement, practical applications, and meaningful experiences requires careful curation and purposeful design. Ensuring that metaverse experiences offer genuine value, address user needs, and foster deep engagement is essential for widespread adoption and long-term success.
  • User Experience and Learning Curve:
  • Creating a seamless and intuitive user experience is essential to attract and retain users. The metaverse can be complex, especially for newcomers, requiring a learning curve to navigate virtual environments, interact with avatars, and engage in various activities.
  • Interoperability and Standards:
  • The lack of interoperability and common standards across different metaverse platforms and virtual worlds limits seamless cross-platform experiences. Users may face difficulties in transferring their digital assets, avatars, or identities between different metaverse environments, which can hinder user engagement and adoption.

Product offerings of Pluto

  • Design Your Own Fashion:
  • Pluto allows users to design their own digital fashion items. They can create custom clothes and accessories, design merchandise for their communities, and even collaborate with others to build upon existing designs. Users have the freedom to experiment, and the platform provides tools and resources to make fashion design and self-expression more accessible.
  • Land Building Tool:
  • Pluto offers a feature that allows individuals, communities, and brands to own and customize land within the metaverse. Users can personalize their virtual spaces by designing buildings, selecting colors for their houses and the sky, and adding favorite structures. This level of customization allows users to create unique environments and make the metaverse feel like home.
  • Social Experiences:
  • Pluto offers social experiences that allow users to customize their virtual gatherings and hangouts. Users can personalize mini-games, set the mood by painting the sky, choose background music, and even hide easter eggs for their friends and communities. The toolkit enables users to express themselves not only through their avatars but also through their surroundings and shared experiences.
  • Merchandise and Collectibles:
  • Pluto allows communities to create and mint custom-branded collectibles, fostering a sense of belonging and identity. Users can trade and give away these digital assets, representing their communities and creating a unique culture within the metaverse. Badges and tokens can also be utilized for community governance and levels of access within the platform.
  • Avatar Maker:
  • Pluto offers an Avatar Maker that allows users to create and customize their personal avatars. Users can express themselves by choosing from a range of options, including humans, cyborgs, and aliens. They can customize various aspects such as eyes, hair, accessories, tattoos, and more. The Avatar Maker promotes self-expression with no limits, enabling users to create unique digital identities.

How does it work?


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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pluto is a promising player in the evolving landscape of the metaverse and web3 technologies. With its focus on community-building, personalization, and self-expression, Pluto aims to provide a platform where users can authentically connect with others and showcase their uniqueness. The platform's strategic partnerships, global marketing network, and collaborations with influential artists and communities further enhance its market position and potential for growth.

As the metaverse industry continues to gain momentum and attract mainstream attention, Pluto's differentiated approach and commitment to user engagement position it well for success. By addressing the fundamental needs of future generations and leveraging the opportunities presented by the web3 space, Pluto has the potential to carve out a significant presence in the metaverse ecosystem. With its strong founding team and growing user base, Pluto is poised to make a lasting impact on the way we socialize and interact in the digital realm.