Company:Rebel Bots

Founders:Guy Ezra and Ori Sh


Co-Investors:Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, Node Capital

Launch Date: 9th March 2022

Introduction to RebelBots:

It is a cross platform card battle game, players will be able to play, progress and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi themed game taking place in outer space. The game will require players to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build their army of fighting ro bots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.

Key Fundamentals:

  • Use gameplay mechanics known to millions of players
  • Create simple FTUE (First Time User Experience) for non-NFT players
  • Launch the game with the help of thousands of Robot owners
  • Create a sustainable Play-to-Earn economy
  • Build the Rebel Bots universe in which players can play their characters in multiple games
  • Built on Polygon - Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions
  • Developed for both mobile devices and PC Installable clients with a smooth cross-platform game experience.
  • Single Player and MultiPlayer options available

RebelBots and P2E ecosystem :

  1. Skill based game: In order for the game to be competitive and allow the true dedicated gamers to earn from playing it, the game will have to be primarily skill based, with almost zero randomness and little to no luck involved in the gameplay. In addition, we wanted players to compete in more than one kind of tournament, allowing players which aren’t ranked at the very top to still have a chance of winning a tournament. We prioritise skill over pay- to-win.
  2. Social gameplay: The success of social games comes from the need to both socialise with other players but also from the joy of working together to win and complete achievements. Social gaming creates better virality, improved retention, higher engagement rates and most importantly organic growth.
  3. High production quality: The main reason users are currently attracted to the Play to Earn niche, is due to the possibility of earning income/revenue while playing a game. We want them to feel good about the game itself re- gardless of earning money. This is why we are designing every aspect in the game, from art design through to the backstory of characters, and ensuring game stability and a smooth experience, so we can deliver the highest pro- duction level possible for players.
  4. Simple yet sustainable play-to-earn model: Generating revenue from playing the game is important but creating a simple mechanism for players who prefer to engage with the game on a different level and still earn from it is equally important for building a user base of non-playing users from the broader crypto community. The long term token value will come from intro- ducing new features which will drive the Rebel Bots game universe forward.
  5. Must be fun: There is a tendency to see Play-to-earn games as a job rather than an actual game, we intend to change that by combining proven fun driven features from the social games space.

Rebel Bots Dao:

The Rebel Bots game is a community driven project, The game design and development process are being done together with our community of Rebel Bot owners and general fans of the project.

The next phase they plan to turn the Rebel Bots game into a complete commu- nity owned DAO, they aim to do that through the governance token, RBLS. This process is expected to happen as RBLS is distributed among RB own- ers and players with the dev team and seed investors ownership becom- ing less concentrated over time. The dev team will be able to vote with the locked Play to Earn and Staking rewards allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development. We estimate that the dev team will no longer have the Majority vote by Q4 2023.

Strategic Partners:


Since investing, Ubisoft and Animoca Brands both joined the rounds, giving it even more credibility. Both Ubisoft and Animoca are going to work closely with the rebel bot team to ensure the right execution of the game and the community model thus giving the team a better chance at success in the P2E world.

RebelBots Land/Kingdom ecosystem:

Lands are the game’s second most valuable NFT, without land players aren’t able to play. Lands are initially sold directly to players on the game’s website while secondary land sales will be done on the game’s internal marketplace.


Game will be launched with 150,000 lands which will be allocated as fol- lows:

  • 130,000 lands will be sold to players during the game big land sale
  • 10,000 lands will be given to each Rebel bot owner in his own kingdom - 10,000 lands will be used for marketing purposes

Prior to game launch each land will be sold or given with a set of 3 fighting bots allowing players to start battling from their first session in the game and thus offering a simple onboarding process.

P2E Risks:

The main risk for any P2E game is adoption, if it does not get the required adoption or traction it can be difficult for the team secondly like any other P2E there is also a fear of short lived success if the community is not engaged over a long time.


RebelBots team have been in the game development space for a few years, they had also an extremely successful PFP NFT collection on top of which the entire game ecosystem is built, they are good operators and along with the current partners like Ubisoft, Animoca and Polygon studios will be able to navigate and execute well. This space on its own is is looking conducive for 2022 and 2023